May 31st, 2013

Daily Notes

Reflections on my May Recording Challenge 

It is now July 27th, 2013. I ended my recording challenge nearly 2 months ago. Looking back at that month there are a few adjectives that come to mind…some positive, some not-so-positive: fulfilling, satisfying, educational, challenging, stressful, exhausting.

I started out with a great piece…I really liked #1. By day #3 I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into and seriously doubting my ability to compose, record and post a NEW song every single day for 30 days. By day #5…I doubted even more. I think…Read more

May 31st, 2013 - "FIESTA!!!" by Chris B. Jacome 

This is it! My last song of my 31 DAY CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!

Can you say, “Olé!”? I sure hope you can!

I am going to write another post within a couple of days as a summary and reflection on my 31 days so I’ll keep this post about my last composition for this challenge.

I wanted to end on a happy note…if you know me at all then that wouldn’t be a surprise. This composition took me quite a while today (4.5-5 hours) but it was worth it. I think it’s a great song for a FIESTA…hence, the name.

Please take…Read more

May 30th, 2013 - "Alegrias" by Chris B. Jacome 

I write this blog with a bit of sadness as it is the penultimate recording of my 31 Day Recording Challenge! My, the time FLEW by!!!

I must admit, the challenge has lived up to its name…I’m dragging a little bit with my energy but I’d bet that has a little to do with the health challenges that have emerged this month as well as the demanding schedule and pressure of composing and recording a brand new composition for 31 days.

Today’s composition is a flamenco “Alegrías”. Lena is doing palmas for me. I…Read more

May 29th, 2013 - "Easy Breezy" by Chris B. Jacome 

Ha! This new song is a quirky little guy!

I didn’t get much sleep last night because of a really bad stomach ache and then today I found out that I have SEVERE food allergies of which I had been previously unaware. A little scary knowing this will require a major dietary/lifestyle change on my part.

So…needless to say…I really, really, really was NOT in the mood to do my 31 day challenge today. But heck, if this was supposed to be easy, it wouldn’t be called a CHALLENGE!

I needed a little pick-me-up…Read more

May 28th, 2013 - "Star Dust" by Chris B. Jacome 

Well, I’m WIPED OUT!

I really had a wonderful time making this composition. I used my guitar that I call “Little Red Riding Hood” and we had a blast together!

I’ve got to get some rest so I’ll leave you with my new song, “Star Dust”.


Does it keep within the rules?
1. Yes. 4:40 minutes long
2. Yes. LOTS O GUITAR and percussion and bonus sounds
3. Yes. Created, Recorded and Posted on 5/28/13

May 27th, 2013 - "Una Guitarra y Lunes" by Chris B. Jacome 

I actually composed and recorded 2 songs today. The first was for a commercial that I hope I get…cross your fingers! That one doesn’t pass THE RULES because it’s only 30 seconds long so I had to do something ELSE! I’ve been hard at work today, that’s for sure!!!

This is a piece in a key I’m not so familiar with so it really stretched my brain!



Does it keep within the rules…
1. Yes. 2:54 minutes long
2. Yes, as long as I don’t record more than 8 other solo guitar compositions.
3. Yes.…Read more

May 26th, 2013 - "Live Your Dreams" by Chris B. Jacome 

Just over a year ago, Lena released a beautiful inspirational book that contained photos of one of our flamenco shows coupled with inspirational and motivational quotes from many significant figures. The book is GORGEOUS!

I wanted to collaborate with Lena again and I thought her voice would lend itself nicely to a kind-of “book on tape”. Instead of going through the book page by page however, Lena chose some of her favorite quotes from the book and read while I improvised melodies throughout. It came out…Read more

May 25th, 2013 - "Sunrise With You" by Chris B. Jacome 

I came up with the rhythm/backing guitar part while on a gig today and I thought it would be nice to solo over. So that’s what you’re getting today, a nice little duet.

I think it’s pretty romantic so curl up with the one you love and...



Does it keep within the rules?
1. Yes. 2:50 minutes long
2. Yes. 2 guitars
3. Yes. Created, Recorded and Posted on 5/25/13

May 24th, 2013 - "Flamenco Warm-Up Excerpt" by Chris B. Jacome 

I had the idea yesterday to make a warm-up “piece” for myself. Something that I could play without getting totally bored (which for me means it’s relatively musical) and would get my hands playing many techniques I use so that I’d be ready to go if I played the piece once or twice through.

I’m not done with it yet but here’s a section I developed and elongated into its own little piece.



Does it keep within the rules?
1. Yes. 2:16 minutes long
2. Yes, as long as I don’t record more…Read more

May 23rd, 2013 - "Desert Mystic" by Chris B. Jacome 

Originally called this song, “Electric Chair” but in the end I didn’t think it went with the song any longer so this song is now called “Desert Mystic”.

I had a BLAST and this song literally took me 2 hours TOTAL! One of my strongest, IMHO, and it just flew together!

I think that even if you’re not in the desert you can enjoy this one!


Yes…I passed the rules.
1. Yes. 3:14 minutes long
2. Yes, 3 guitars, plus LOTS O percussion.
3. Yes. Created, Recorded and Posted on 5/23/13

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